Suraksha Bandhan Campaign
Suraksha Bandhan Campaign Suraksha Bandhan Campaign

Manao Suraksha Bandhan,

apne engine ko Superfleet Turbo Plus
ki suraksha de kar.


Water Filters Distributed

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Season 5

Even distances can be transcended when the promise to care is strong at heart. The latest season of Gulf Superfleet #SurakshaBandhan takes on a fundamental challenge faced by our trucker brothers – scarcity of clean drinking water on the road. Watch the touching film, witness a promise well-kept.


Season 1

Celebrated the bond between siblings.


Season 2

It was about keeping truckers safe during pandemic.


Season 3

We conducted a vaccination drive for truckers.


Season 4

A healthcare program extended 4 lakhs cover to truckers.


Superfleet Turbo Plus

Gulf Superfleet Turbo + is a premium performance multi-grade diesel engine oil, specifically developed for low emission trucks and buses.


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Gulf Superfleet Engine Oil has long been associated with providing exceptional protection for truck engines. However, our commitment to protection extends beyond just the engine itself. Gulf has dedicated itself to supporting truckers in more ways. This led to the creation of the Suraksha Bandhan Initiative. It is inspired by the Raksha Bandhan festival, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding truck drivers' lives. Since its inception in 2019, we have consistently addressed critical challenges faced by truck drivers through this initiative. Notably, health has taken center stage, reflecting the essence of their well-being. This ongoing endeavor underscores our resolute dedication to their comprehensive security.

This is the fifth season. It is an ongoing campaign which we conduct annually. Every year for the past four years, Gulf has been dedicated to bringing a positive impact in the lives of our trucker brothers through various ways. You can revisit our previous years’ campaigns by visiting Gulf Oil India Youtube page: